Frequenly Asked Questions About Becoming a Dental Assistant

Are you thinking of becoming a dental assistant? If you do, then you need all the information to ensure that you are really pursuing the right career for yourself. In this post, we will discuss the frequently asked questions about becoming a dental assistant: 

What does a Dental Assistant do?

Dental assistants work in an office setting under the supervision of a licensed dentist. Their main role is to maintain the dental office, perform administrative tasks, and assist the dentist with office-related tasks.

While assisting the dentist, dental assistants are exposed to various procedures and play an important role in them. Some of the procedures include:

  • Taking impressions of the teeth
  • Helping the dentist in the diagnosis of any dental problem
  • Holding the dental instruments
  • Preparing the patient for the treatment

What’s the Difference between a Dental Assistant and a Dental Hygienist?

The major difference between a dental hygienist and a dental assistant is that dental hygienists are licensed to do different dental procedures like:

  • Teeth scaling
  • Cleaning the teeth
  • Filling the cavities on teeth

And dental assistants are not allowed to do these dental procedures.

Dental assistants perform administrative and clinical support tasks, while dental hygienists are skilled professionals who are responsible for the overall health of a patient’s teeth and gums.

How Long does it take to become a Dental Assistant?

There are no universal requirements for becoming a dental assistant. However, most employers expect candidates to have a certificate from the governing body. Some programs are eight to 10 weeks long, while others are 12 to 24 weeks long.

What do you need to know before becoming a Dental Assistant?

To become a dental assistant, you need to have strong communication skills, a good understanding of basic math and be a confident, focused person.

If you are interested in working with patients, dental assistant jobs can give you a unique opportunity.

What skills does a Dental Assistant need to have?

Dental assistants need to have good writing and speaking skills. They are required to write a report on the patient’s condition and needs. Also, they need to be able to explain the dentist’s recommendations to the patients.

Dental assistants also need to be able to speak clearly and directly and be confident enough to perform dental procedures.

Apart from these skills, a dental assistant must have good organizational and time-management skills and computer skills.

Can you take Online Classes to Become a Dental Assistant?

To become a dental assistant, you need in-person lab training and working with dentists, which you can’t get online.

Is Becoming a Dental Assistant worth it?

If you enjoy working with people and are interested in a career in dentistry, then becoming a dental assistant is a great choice. The demand for dental assistants is expected to grow in the coming years.

Become a Dental Assistant Today

If you have a passion for dentistry and want to work in this exciting field, then you should consider becoming a dental assistant. It is a job that will give you exposure to different dental procedures.

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