Community is valued at NWSC.

Differences of Opinion Are Welcome

Our faculty, staff, and student body combined is aptly described as a “mosaic of society”.

We pride ourselves in having students from all walks of life, nurturing  professional discussions and the  sharing of diverse perspectives. Stimulating respectful debates and conversations concerning the most pertinent and contentious social issues of our time are encouraged, resulting in an education that is holistic and students who are well-rounded. Besides reinforcing our sense of community, such discussions help examine our views of society and the world and deepen our sense of responsibility toward improving the world for everyone.

Community Minded

At NWSC, we take being community minded seriously. We are driven by the idea of paying it forward. Our students are shaped by their experiences and the many community service projects they take on each year is intended to instill an understanding that we are only as strong as our neighborhoods and communities. As future leaders and drivers of the economy, our students see the impact and the value of being community minded first-hand.

These projects also ensure that material learned in class is reinforced and our students sharpen their skills by doing community work. Is it any wonder that an impressive 90% of NWSC graduates achieve employment in healthcare?