Northwest Suburban College offers a variety of programs to its diverse group of students. As parts of our Liberal Arts program offer courses in general studies such as English, foreign languages, U.S. and middle eastern history, sociology, humanities, mathematics, psychology, and religious studies. NWSC covers general education courses that can be transferable. In the School of Basic Sciences, NWSC offers multiple science classes to assist students in pursuing career paths in medicine, dentistry, pharmaceuticals, optometry, veterinary science, chiropractic medicine, and physical therapy.

NWSC offers a degree seeking program in biology. The School of Health Sciences offers courses general health, community health, healthcare informatics, and public health. Many of the courses offered are geared toward a pre-med concentration for students intending to apply to  medical schools and other professional science and healthcare fields.

Northwest Suburban College currently offers an Associates degree in biology and certification programs for Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, and Pharmacy Technician. Contact an admissions representative to learn more.

Associates of Science in Biology

Dental Assistant

Medical Assistant

Pharmacy Technician

Continuing education