Dental Assistant Myths That Need to Be Debunked Today!

If you are looking into starting a career in healthcare, there are plenty of careers you ought to consider. If you want to work in a relaxed environment in a fulfilling job, you may want to consider becoming a dental assistant. You may be wondering what this job entails. This blog post will give you a glimpse of what a dental assistant’s job is like by debunking myths about the job that are circulating.

Dental Assistant Myths That Need to Be Debunked Today!

You may be put off by certain things you may have heard about dental assistants in the past. The following article is here to set the record straight as to some of the most common myths about this profession and help you make an informed decision as to if you want to get into this career or not. 

1 – The Job Isn’t Hard

This job requires a particular set of skills and knowledge to be done effectively. Many people may be under the impression that since dental assistants are not the head of the team, their jobs are easy. This is a wrong notion as there are many vital tasks that dental assistants have to do that keep the dental clinic running. Not only do they keep track of patient appointments and deal with clients that come into the clinic. They are also in charge of implementing dental infection control protocols, seating and interacting with patients, and, in many cases, educating patients and making them feel comfortable about the procedure that they are about to have done.

2 – Dental Assistants Don’t Need a Lot of Training

This myth should be debunked because not only do dental assistants need to know and understand the procedures well, but be able to inform patients about them. Also, dental assistants are always in the move to further their education. The dental industry is an ever-changing landscape that always seems to have new updates, which dental assistants need to be aware of to do their jobs effectively.

3 – Becoming a Dental Assistant Isn’t Hard

Dental assistants need to undergo many different types of training to get the accreditation they need to apply at a clinic and be part of a dental team. All dental assistants need to finish a formal dental assisting education program and various other accredited programs to gain the skills they need to work in a clinic.

4 – Dental Assistants Are Not an Important Part of the Team

Many think that this job does not need too much effort because dental assistants are not essential to the dental team. The truth is that dental assistants are just as important as any other part of the dental team. Countless dentists say that their clinic would not be able to run without the help of their dental assistants. 


You may have heard at least one of these wrong assumptions about dental assistants from your family or someone you know. The key is to do thorough research and not believe the first thing you hear. Now that you know to take the things you hear about dental assistants with a grain of salt, you may be ready to decide between pursuing this career path or not. The crucial part is finding the right training center to help get the ball rolling!

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