NWSC graduated 43 students in 2017 of which 39 students were from the School of Allied Health Sciences. Four students graduated with an Associates of Science in biology degree from the School of Basic Sciences. Congratulations to all our graduates and good luck!

Amal Gosh studied at NWSC from 2015-2017, where he worked closely with Dr. Ansari, Assistant Professor in Biology. He is a local student who transferred to NWSC after one year at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. NWSC’s focused environment brought out the best in Amal, who completed a bachelors degree in biology in two years with a stellar record. Following graduation, Gosh applied to the Medical Physiology Program at Case Western University and was accepted. We are very proud of Amal’s success and wish him well! Congratulations, Amal!