Top Benefits of Small Class Sizes in Dental Assistant Programs

Are you considering enrolling in a pharmacy technician, medical assistant, or dental assistant program and wondering about the benefits of small class sizes? You’re not alone. With almost 50% of recent college graduates believing that smaller classes are more beneficial for their learning experience, it’s a popular question to have.

Smaller class sizes increase faculty attention and provide more opportunities to communicate with peers. In fact, studies show that 90% of students who participated in courses with fewer than 20 people earned higher grades.

At Northwest Suburban College, our dental assistant program in Rolling Meadows, IL offers students access to highly personalized training. This hands-on approach with experienced professionals provides an opportunity to learn patient care, leaving students well-prepared for the transition to treating patients in a dental practice. 

Personalized Attention in Dental Assistant Program

Individualized Instruction

Small class sizes in dental assistant programs allow for more individualized instruction. With fewer students in the classroom, instructors can spend time with each student, answer questions and identify strengths and areas for growth. Personalized attention can help students understand complex concepts, build confidence in their abilities, and acquire new dental-related skills faster.  

Regular Feedback

When learning a new series of skills, having more oversight allows dental assistant students to develop more rapidly. Instructors can give each student consistent feedback, which can help them gain a deeper understanding of dental procedures and industry regulations.  

Examples of how personalized attention can help students to succeed:

  1. Dental assistants need to be able to think critically and make decisions quickly when on the job. With personalized instruction, dental assistant students gain the tools and knowledge necessary to do so, as well as the opportunity to gain real-world dental assistant experience.
  2. It helps students develop strong time management and communication skills. This is essential for dental assistants who will need to effectively collaborate with patients and other dental care team members. 

The small class sizes in the NWSC dental assistant program give students the ability to successfully transition to the workforce. Our program only takes eight months, and there are new programs starting every month.

Increased Participation and Collaboration in Dental Assistant Program


Smaller dental assistant classes make it easier for students to build relationships with their peers and engage in meaningful discussions that support learning.

Increased participation leads to a deeper understanding

When dental assistant students actively participate in class, they can better understand the dental assistant trade. Through collaboration and discussion with their peers, dental assistant students can build on each other’s knowledge and develop their skill set.

Why collaboration is valuable 

Students develop important skills such as teamwork and communication. Working together to solve dental-related problems can give dental assistant students practical experience working with a dental care team, which will be beneficial when they enter the dental field. It also allows them to build their problem-solving and decision-making skills. 

Flexibility in the Curriculum of the Dental Assistant Program

Students tailor their dental education

Small dental assistant classes provide students with the flexibility to tailor their dental education to their individual needs and goals. With personalized instruction, dental assistant students can focus on specific topics that are of interest and more relevant to the dental field.

Instructors can adjust the curriculum

Small dental assistant classes provide instructors with more freedom to adjust the curriculum based on student needs. Instructors can offer activities that increase dental assistant students’ engagement, such as practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises.

How flexible instruction helps dental assistant students

Dental assistant students can explore their interests and focus on areas where more help is required. For instance, dental assistant students may need more support in learning dental terminology or using devices to properly sterilize dental instruments. With flexible instruction, dental assistant students can learn these skills at their own pace.

Opportunities for Hands-on Learning in Dental Assistant Programs

Hands-on learning

In dental assistant programs with small class sizes, students can get more involved in activities. Instructors can provide dental assistant students with more personalized instruction and focus on developing practical skills like patient assessment and dental instrument handling.

Hands-on activities help them develop their manual skills and knowledge base. Concepts they learn in class will later inform real dental situations they encounter in the coming days. In addition, hands-on experience helps dental assistant students become comfortable with step-by-step dental procedures and gain confidence for the time they will be working directly with patients.

Why hands-on learning opportunities in dental assistant classes are so important

Small dental assistant classes can provide dental assistant students with the opportunity to practice dental procedures, such as taking dental impressions or curing dental composites. Dental assistant students can work with actual patients, allowing them to gain experience in patient communication and learn how to care for dental patients properly.   

Enjoy the Benefits of Small Class Sizes in Dental Assistant Programs from a Reputable College

Small dental assistant classes can provide students with various benefits, from increased collaboration and tailored instruction to more hands-on earning opportunities. With these opportunities for practical development, NWSC dental assistant students can gain the skills and knowledge needed to quickly transition into their careers and gain early success in the dental field.

NWSC is a trade college for people with aspirations to take care of people’s health. There is a heart of compassion, and the students are healing arts candidates. If you are interested in learning more about our dental assistant programs, please fill out the form or call us today. Remember, our new programs start every month!

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