What You Must Know Before Entering Dental Assistant School

Dental assisting is a challenging but rewarding career, requiring both formal education and on-the-job training. Before enrolling in dental assistant school, you should know a few things. 

How to Qualify for Dental Assistant School

To become a dental assistant, you’ll need to complete an accredited dental assistant program. Admission requirements for dental assistant schools vary, but most programs require at least a high school diploma or equivalent. Some programs may also require the completion of prerequisite courses, such as anatomy and physiology, before beginning the dental assistant program.

Once you’re enrolled in a dental assistant program, you’ll take classes such as dental anatomy, radiology, infection control, and dental materials. You’ll also get hands-on experience in a dental office, working with patients and Dentists. Most dental assistant programs take about one year to complete, although some may be completed in as little as nine months.

After completing a dental assistant program, you can take the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) exam to earn your Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) credential. Some states also have their own certification requirements for dental assistants. Once you’re certified, you can start your career as a dental assistant!

How to Choose the Right Dental Assistant School

Choosing the right dental assistant school is a very important decision. There are many things to consider when making this decision, and the following are some of the most important factors to keep in mind.

  1. Location

Location is perhaps one of the most vital factors to consider when choosing a dental assistant school. You want to ensure that the school is located in an area convenient for you to get to and from. You also want to ensure that the school is located in an area with a good job market for dental assistants.

  1. Program Length

Another essential factor to consider when choosing a dental assistant school is the length of the program. There are many programs that range from six months to two years. You want to ensure you choose a program that is the right length for you. If you want to get into the field quickly, you may want to choose a shorter program. If you want more training and experience, you may want to choose a longer program.

  1. Cost

The cost of the program is another critical factor to consider. You want to ensure you choose a program you can afford. There are many programs that range in cost from a few thousand dollars to over $20,000. You need to ensure that you choose a program that you can afford and will give you the training you need.

  1. Accreditation

When choosing a dental assistant school, you want to ensure that the school is accredited. This means that the school has met certain standards the American Dental Association set. This is crucial because you want to ensure you get the best education possible.

Final Thoughts

Dental assistant school is a great way to become a certified dental assistant. There are many things you need to know before enrolling in a dental assistant school. Make sure to do your research so that you enroll in the best school for you.

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