10 Factors That Make Medical Assisting a Great Career

Healthcare is booming as an industry, and it is seeing no signs of slowing down. With the high demand, there are still so many viable roles to be filled in the coming years. Medical assistants, in particular, have become one of the roles with the most promising job outlooks in the industry.

If you’re planning to become a medical assistant, but you’re not sure what the real benefits are, read on. These factors really make the career something to consider in the long run.

The Training Period Is Reasonably Short

Not all medical assisting programs are created equal, so there is a wide range of program lengths out there depending on the training you want to receive. That said, one can generally complete it in two years or less.

The most common choice is to take a two-year program, but you can even complete a full program in just six months.

Medical Assistants Are In Demand

The employment outlook is phenomenal for medical assistants. It’s estimated that the employment for this career will grow a whopping 18% between now and 2030. This places it as one of the fastest-growing roles in the healthcare industry.

You Have Various Workplace Choices

In terms of your work environment, you are not limited to hospital work. Medical assistants are also needed in other settings such as clinics, public health agencies, rehab centers, nursing homes, etc.

Educational Requirements Are Not Extensive

Medical assistants do not need an extensive history of degrees and higher education to pursue this career. It’s very accessible because you can either go for a diploma or an associate’s degree. Any GED-holder or High School graduate is eligible to take on the program.

It Can Have Flexible Working Hours

Medical assisting careers have very flexible working hours to choose from. While you do typically follow a schedule, you can usually be the one to pick this. This means you can select the time slots that fit into your own lifestyle.

The Job Comes With Health Benefits

The worry that many people have with taking on roles that have more flexibility is the possibility of having no benefits. Thankfully, many medical assisting roles offer the chance to qualify for a health plan. Certain workplaces also include shots and other healthcare incentives for workers who are valuable team members.

This Career Opens Up Healthcare Job Opportunities

What’s great about this career is that you can either thrive linearly within the field or expand to other healthcare roles. Having medical assistant training is a good base point if you want to eventually pursue medicine or nursing.

Overtime Hours And Holidays Are Paid

The healthcare industry can be very taxing on its workers. What’s good about medical assistant roles is that they are usually provided with OT pay and paid holidays should they take on work of that nature.

Tuition Reimbursement May Be Granted

Education is a great investment, but it still doesn’t hurt to get some of that expense back. Select employers actually offer tuition reimbursement to employees who took medical assistant classes.

It is Fulfilling

At the end of the day, you would have a career that allows you to make an impact and help others. Being able to drive fulfillment from your job can do wonders in terms of motivation and productivity.


With these benefits, it is really looking like medical assisting has become one of the most viable and sought-after roles in the healthcare industry. With the right training, you can realize your potential and start working in a promising field.

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