Dear NWSC Faculty, Staff, Students, Boards & Partners:

Northwest Suburban College (NWSC) is delighted to announce that your college is now institutionally accredited* by ABHES (Accrediting Bureau for Health Education Schools; 6116 Executive Blvd., Suite 730, North Bethsda, MD. Tel. 301.291.7550 · EMail: [email protected].). ABHES is recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education as a specialized, national accrediting agency of institutions predominantly providing health education and programmatic accreditation in specific health education disciplines.

NWSC has consistently maintained approval for its certification programs from the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) through the Private Business & Vocational Schools (PBVS) unit. The ABHES institutional accreditation for NWSC, and programmatic accreditation for our Medical Assistant program, now bring to NWSC a distinct seal of approval for our quality of education, training and institutional accountability through systematic and consistent adherence to ABHES standards. This an important achievement which strengthens our commitment to quality and affordable employment-oriented, health-sciences education for our diverse student body.

The President’s Office
Northwest Suburban College

(Source: Council on Higher Education Accreditation –

FAQ's For our valued students

Accreditation is like a very hard test. It requires every part of a school or program to be examined and judged by experts. If the school or program passes the test, this means that it lives up to its promises to students. You can trust what the school or program tells you about its courses, its teachers, the services it provides and what you will need to pay (tuition and fees). When a school or program says “We are accredited,” it is saying it has a seal of approval or a good rating. To keep the seal or rating, the test has to be re-taken at least every several years.


Accreditation is your friend. It protects you because it requires that schools and programs tell the truth about everything that you need to know about your education. Before you even get to a college or university, accreditation has done an extensive background investigation and evaluation of the school you plan to attend. You cannot do all this work on your own, so accreditors have made sure that you have reliable information about critical aspects of your planned education.

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