Employment Prospects for Medical Assistant College Grads

The Bureau of Labor Statistics records “medical assistant” as one of the 20 fastest-growing jobs in the United States.

Clinical duties, such as getting medical histories, getting patients ready for examination, assisting the doctor during appointments, and conducting basic laboratory testing, are typically handled by medical assistants.

Administrative and clinical tasks are made easier with the help of medical assistants who work alongside medical professionals like MDs, DCs, ODs, and ODs. In addition, they can also schedule appointments, send out forms, and handle billing tasks. This makes their role highly in demand across healthcare establishments of various sizes.

The Need for Medical Assistants

There is expected to be a 23% increase in demand for medical assistants between 2014 and 2024. As the baby boomer group matures, there will be a greater need for doctors to provide preventative care. Suppose doctors have more medical assistants to aid them with administrative tasks and maintenance. In that case, they will be able to see more patients. 

Like any profession, certain skill sets need to be developed and trained to thrive in a medical assistant career path. Here are some you should hone:

  • Critical and analytical thinking skills: They need to be able to read and comprehend patient charts and medical diagnoses. Some patients may need to code their medical records to keep costs down.
  • Extremely detail-oriented: A medical assistant must record vital signs and other patient data accurately. Both doctors and insurers rely on updated records.
  • Collaborative mindset: They need to preserve their composure and act professionally even when interacting with patients who may be in severe pain. They need reliable means of communicating patient data to colleagues.
  • Adaptive technical skills: Medical assistants should be proficient in using standard clinical tools for measuring vital signs, including pulse and blood pressure.

The Prospects of Medical Assistant Graduates

Medical assistants are responsible for both administrative and clinical tasks. They are employed in various locations, from private offices and public hospitals to private homes. Federal health reform is anticipated to increase the number of persons covered by health insurance.

Listed below are some potential career paths for medical assistant college grads.

Medical Assistant

A medical assistant’s duties often overlap and are intertwined. Patients’ appointments, admissions, and laboratory tests are all coordinated by this team. Furthermore, they transport patients from the waiting area to the designated exam or treatment room. Taking messages, using the computer, and making appointments are just a few examples.

Medical Office Assistant

Most of a medical assistant’s time is spent preparing patients for their appointments with doctors. A medical assistant’s duties include assisting doctors with administrative tasks such as patient scheduling and maintaining medical records. The diagnostic process includes:

  • Taking the patient’s weight and height.
  • Interviewing the patient about any previous medical conditions.
  • Recording the patient’s vital signs.

Medical Secretary

Various secretarial tasks would fall under your purview as a medical secretary. There is space for patients’ names, phone numbers, email addresses, and greetings, as well as their scheduled appointments, payment information, and medical records. Helping out behind the scenes with budgeting, document management, and report writing is just some of what they do.

Clinical Medical Assistant

As a clinical medical assistant, your primary responsibility will be maintaining and improving patient records. As the patient moves through the phases of diagnosis, treatment, and data gathering, they keep in contact with them. Tasks at the front desk may include stocktaking and supply ordering. Medical administrative assistants aid with various activities, including billing and bookkeeping.


There are several bases to pursue a career as a medical assistant. They are in high demand, well-paid, and have good job prospects. If you are curious about a career in the medical field, then consider pursuing a medical assistant course to further your learning!

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