8 Transferable Skills to Capitalize on Your Career

Being competitive is quite normal in the business environment. After all, employees are working hard to climb up the corporate ladder, and besting each other isn’t only going to allow them to achieve higher ranks, but it also benefits the company. That said, when trying to transfer from one industry to another, it can be hard to transfer skills that are quite industry-specific. However, there are skills that are one can easily transfer and actually make great use of in any industry.

Today, we’re going to share with you the top transferable skills that will help you make the most out of your professional life:

1. Problem-Solving

Almost every company requires their employees to come up with a solution for seemingly unsolvable problems. Whether it’s a technical issue or a conflict within the department, you have to come up with a solution to make your employer happy. The same applies to specific situations you might encounter in your personal life. If a friend asks you for a favour and you’re able to come up with a solution, you can flex your problem-solving muscles and make your friend happy.

2. Time Management

If you work in an office where you have a boss and a set schedule, chances are you’re responsible for taking care of your own time management. Your boss usually doesn’t want to micromanage, so he leaves some of the tasks to you. If you’re good at managing your own time, you can be sure that other employers will take an interest in you.

3. Teamwork

If you were able to overcome your competitiveness in your job in order to work with your peers, it shows that you’re willing to work as a team. Even though you’re probably all working towards your own goals, you still have to interact with each other, so it’s always a nice bonus to know that you’re willing to work with others.

4. Business Communication

Socializing with your coworkers is an important part of your job. Not only do you have to work alongside them, but you also need to communicate with them in order to get any work done. If you’re able to communicate effectively, you can make your work environment more enjoyable and ultimately get more done.

5. Risk Taking

To succeed in any industry, you have to take risks. You have to take risks if you want to grow your career and get noticed. If you’re comfortable taking risks, there’s no way you won’t be successful.

6. Assertiveness

If you’re assertive in your job, you’ll be able to get your voice heard. You can get noticed by your boss and your peers, and chances are you’ll get promoted faster.

7. Detail Orientation

Being detail-oriented will make you a great asset to your company. Not only will your colleagues think that you’re reliable and trustworthy, but you’ll also have a better chance of excelling in your position.

8. Good Communication

Although this skill is fairly obvious, it’s not something that’s included in every job description. Those who can communicate well are usually more successful in their jobs, so you should definitely use it to your advantage.


Every single skill listed above is something you can use in a number of different environments. Whether you’re trying to find a new job or simply trying to improve your existing one, these skills will nearly always be relevant. They are just a few examples of skills that you can transfer from one job to another, and there are plenty more. Be sure to capitalize on all these skills, as it will give you the upper hand you need to maximize your career!

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