Where is my Happiness during this craziness.

Do you know what’s causing your unhappiness?

Do you ever judge yourself too harshly? I do. In fact, many of us do without realizing it. Even when your friends say that you are a superstar, you may feel deep inside that it’s not true. Over time, this could lead to you becoming pessimistic without understanding why.

Maybe now is the time to stop thinking that way. When elderly people look back on their lives, many realize how much time they wasted thinking negatively instead of pursuing their dreams. Don’t wait until you are old to start changing your path. Today is the perfect day to transform your despondency into action.

Where do you start? Here is one method: Before you go to sleep tonight, put a pen and paper beside your bed. Every morning, write down another great accomplishment you have made. In a week, I wouldn’t be surprised if you realize what others around you already know. You are doing yourself a disservice by judging yourself by your perceived faults rather than your amazing qualities.

Now that you are feeling better about yourself, what’s next? Try jotting down something you don’t believe you can accomplish. If it’s going to college, great! We can help with that. If it’s being a better role model for your kids, sticking to an exercise routine, or finding a new job, you could achieve that, too. Find someone who will help and support you in your goal. For example, if you are striving for a healthier lifestyle, ask a neighbor to join you on your daily walks. With a little bit of determination and encouragement, your goal could become much easier to reach.

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