A Career Outlook for Pharmacy Technicians in the US

Pharmacy technicians are vital to the healthcare business worldwide, not only in the United States. Prescription drug dispensing is an activity that needs a great lot of accuracy and detail, and pharmacy technicians are those who go through years of training to do it flawlessly. They verify that prescriptions are filled accurately and within a certain time frame.

Have you ever considered the career options for pharmacy technicians? Here are some examples of where they are employed:

1. Chain Pharmacy

Although many people think that a pharmacy technician works in a neighborhood pharmacy, that is not necessarily the case. There are some pharmacy technicians who work in big box stores such as Rite Aid and Walgreens, as well as some big-box retailers such as Costco and Sam’s Club.

Chain pharmacies are typically very large stores where a pharmacy technician can fill various roles. These roles include focusing on prescription fulfillment, managing the pharmacy, filling prescriptions, and even focusing on medical supplies and equipment.

2. Private Pharmacy

Private pharmacies are smaller pharmacies that may or may not fill prescriptions. These pharmacies typically fill prescriptions that are referred to them by a doctor. Some pharmacies also specialize in a type of medication only, such as compounding and prescription fabrication. These pharmacies usually do not offer a full range of medications. Although these private pharmacies are typically small, they are around to cater to the needs of patients who may not be able to access a large pharmacy.

3. Hospital Pharmacy

Hospital pharmacy technicians have the same duties as pharmacists, but they are specifically trained to work in a hospital environment. They dispense medications to patients in the hospital, which includes a wide range of duties. These include the following:

  • Dispensing medications to the patients involves giving out prescriptions and any other medications being administered to the patients. It is important to note that in some hospitals, the pharmacy technicians may also have to administer the medication to the patient, not just prescribe it.
  • Ordering medication – Pharmacy technicians are also responsible for ordering medications. This can be done in several ways, including contacting the physician directly or through a manager.
  • Maintaining inventories of medications – This involves making sure that all of the medications in the hospital are in stock and are properly stored.
  • Tracking the usage of medications – This entails documenting the medications that have been given to each patient and when they have been given.
  • Protecting patient and staff safety – Pharmacy technicians are responsible for dispensing medications that are safe for the patients and staff. For example, they can check to make sure that a medication that is new to the hospital is labeled and stored properly. They can also make sure that a medication that had been recalled is taken off the shelves.

4. Managed Care

Managed care is a type of managed health care, which requires pharmacy technicians to fulfill their duties in a variety of settings. At a managed care facility, the pharmacy technician is responsible for selecting and purchasing medications for patients. The pharmacy technician is also responsible for keeping track of the inventory of these medications and ensuring that they are given to patients in a timely fashion.

5. Government Agencies

Government agencies also employ pharmacy technicians but typically focus on one specific area. For example, some pharmacy technicians may work in a pharmacy that focuses on military personnel. In this capacity, they would mainly be responsible for assisting the pharmacists and fulfilling the requests of the doctors and patients.


A pharmacy technician’s job outlook is excellent, and many of the best pharmacy technician jobs are found in retail chains and private pharmacies. If you are interested in pursuing a career as a pharmacy technician, you will find that the job outlook is excellent and that you can earn a good salary.

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