The Different Job Opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians

In today’s current society, where almost anything and everything is possible, you can be whatever your heart desires! The world is full of job opportunities just waiting to be discovered—it’s up to you to determine whether they’re your life’s calling or not.

When it comes to popular jobs, doctor, lawyer, and teacher are pretty high on the list, but they’re not the only positions you can study for. Although less well-known, some jobs provide as many possibilities for growth and learning as others. If you’ve considered starting a career in pharmacy as a pharmacy technician, then you’re on the right track?

What Is a Pharmacy Technician?

In the past, pharmacy technicians were in charge of assisting the pharmacist and acting as a clerk or cashier. However, as the world became increasingly digital and the pharmacy industry embraced digital transformation, the role of a pharmacy technician began to evolve with the changing times.

Due to the increase in digital engagement and online pharmacy operations, pharmacy technicians are no longer simply assistants or clerks. Today, they now have to be technically skilled to communicate digitally, perform pharmacy calculations, and interpret written prescriptions on top of providing good customer service.

Like any other job, becoming a pharmacy technician takes work. If you wish to become a pharmacy technician, you must take the necessary pharmacy tech classes and receive certification before any pharmacy would consider hiring you!

Where Can Pharmacy Technicians Work?

Given its name, any person would assume that pharmacy technicians can only work in pharmacies, but this isn’t the case! Contrary to what some may believe, pharmacy technicians can choose from various places to work in. Although the roles differ slightly, the role of a pharmacy technician in multiple environments is mostly the same.

Today, pharmacy technicians can work in:

Retail or Community Pharmacies

A pharmacy technician is crucial to the operations of a pharmacy. As a pharmacy technician, you would be expected to:

  • Digitally record customer and prescription data;
  • Supply medication to patients;
  • Provide relevant information to patients and other healthcare professionals;
  • Manage inventory, track supplies, verify the stock received, and identify expired stock;
  • Collect payments from customers and more.

Hospital Settings

At outpatient pharmacies in a hospital where patients collect their prescriptions to bring home, a pharmacy technician has similar roles as one who works in a retail pharmacy. On the other hand, those who work in a hospital pharmacy must perform various clerical duties besides providing customer service to hospital staff members. 

How Do I Become a Pharmacy Technician?

Given the job demands of physical technicians, anyone who aspires to work as one must take pharmacy tech classes and have a well-rounded skill set. No matter the setting you want to work in, you must have the essential skills below so that you can provide the best service to healthcare staff members, customers, and patients:

  • Ability to analyze information
  • Quality control
  • Organization
  • Supply management
  • Accurate reporting


The medical care industry is constantly, so pharmacy technicians must be skilled and well-trained enough to adapt to the shifting demands. Make sure to enroll in a promising pharmacy tech program near you and continue increasing your skillset to provide the best patient care and customer service!

If you’re looking to become a pharmacy technician, we at Northwest Suburban College can help you! With one of the most outstanding pharmacy tech classes in the country, you can assure that we will prepare you to work in all types of pharmacy settings confidently. Become a qualified pharmacy technician today!

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