6 Qualities to Pick Up in a Pharmacy Technician Class

The healthcare and medicine field requires plenty of hard skills. For instance, pharmacy technicians are expected to have proper knowledge of manning the equipment, verifying prescriptions, and making calculations. However, certain soft skills and qualities are important to possess when working in the field.

As a pharmacy technician, you will be asked to assist your pharmacist in a number of ways. In order to become a helping hand and excel in this challenging but critical position, we recommend that you take a course on the ins and outs of the pharmacy field.

Pharmacy technician courses will teach you how to operate advanced machinery, package a wide range of products, count and organize medications, and work with a variety of people. You can also pick up certain soft skills and qualities, such as:

1) Attention to Detail

Pharmacy technicians are expected to pay special attention to detail when counting and packaging medications. It’s important to get all the right medications for the prescriptions. For instance, if a customer of the pharmacy calls in a refill, you will have to verify the original prescription and avoid any mistakes like duplicating the dosage.

2) Listening Skills

Communication is important, but so is listening. A pharmacy technician must carefully comprehend the instructions of their pharmacist, including the instructions on how to use and operate the pharmacy’s machines. They must also listen closely to the clients who visit the pharmacy and give them the proper instructions on how to use their prescription.

3) Organization Skills

Aside from listening well, pharmacy technicians must be well-organized in their administrative and technical duties. Since they will be responsible for counting and packaging the medications, it is important to have good organization skills. They should keep track of the medications when packaging them and try not to mix them up.

4) Decision-Making Skills

Good decision-making skills are also important in the healthcare field. For instance, when a new shipment of drugs comes in, a pharmacy technician must be able to properly identify which drugs to shelve, which drugs to put in the back closet, and more. Learn to make the right decisions even under pressure and time constraints.

5) Team Player

Pharmacies often require a lot of manpower, which is why there will be plenty of staff there. Be a good team player and aim to work well with everyone else in the pharmacy. Whether it’s during an overtime shift or a holiday, being able to ease the load on others while fulfilling your role separates a good pharmacy technician from a great one.

6) Sense of Duty

It is important to be a pharmacy technician with a sense of duty and accountability. A commitment to the job is a must. By entering a pharmacy technician course and being surrounded by future colleagues of yours, you get a better glimpse at your responsibilities and the significance of your role.


The healthcare and medicine field is a growing and evolving sector of expertise. It is a field that requires good people who are willing and eager to learn. To start the journey toward a career here, we highly recommend taking a pharmacy technician course. 

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