The Various Soft Skills You’ll Learn in Pharmacy Tech School

The term soft skills refer to the non-physical aspects and lessons you may learn in a certain field or industry. This is more focused on your personality and ability to interact with others rather than the actual hands-on skills that you may pick up and showcase along the way.

That said, even pharmacy tech schools have a lot to offer when it comes to teaching you various soft skills. Below are just a few significant examples.

1. Patience and Perseverance

Becoming a pharmacy tech requires you to have a great personality. That’s because the pharmacy is the one place where you’ll be faced with countless challenges, but you have to persist and keep pushing forward, no matter what happens.

You just have to show great endurance in order to keep going. Remember that you’re not in this business for the short-haul, and it may take a while before you get to realize your objectives.

2. Self-Motivation

Aside from patience, you also have to possess self-motivation. This enables you to keep going, even when you’re tired and worn out from working in a pharmacy.

Your self-motivation also helps you become more productive and efficient every single day. Without it, your work will only suffer, which makes you look bad in the eyes of your bosses and colleagues.

3. Planning and Organizing Skills

The pharmacy tech profession is a lot more complex than you may think. This is why it’s important for you to possess great organizational skills, which you can learn in a decent pharmacy tech program.

If you’re just starting out, you have to learn the ropes and become familiar with the various components of your job. You’ll be tasked to work on a variety of tasks, and you have to be able to divide your time accordingly to deal with them all.

4. Communication Skills

This one is vital. You may be surprised to learn that pharmacy techs are more than just good at communication.

Communication is vital in this profession. You’ll have to be able to talk to patients, answer their questions, and explain how the medicines being prescribed to them may affect their health.

You also have to be able to communicate effectively with your colleagues, which is crucial if you want to create a good working environment for everyone.

5. Learn From Your Mistakes

Your work is expected to be as accurate and precise as possible in this profession. That’s why it is important to learn from your mistakes.

One of the most important things you can do is to make sure that you never repeat the same mistake twice. That’s because you’ll only waste time, effort, and resources.

You may make other mistakes in the pharmacy, but you must learn from them. This will help you become a better pharmacy tech in the future.

6. Time Management Skills

Time management is a key skill when it comes to succeeding in this profession. This is because you’ll be tasked to take care of various tasks, and all of these tasks are important.

You must have great time management skills to execute your job with utmost precision. This will help you finish your work on time and be as productive as possible.

7. Analytical Skills

As a pharmacy tech, you must have analytical abilities. This will help you manually examine the medicines and medicines a patient has been taking.

This can help you determine whether a patient’s health is improving or not. Identifying whether a patient is getting better or not is crucial in this line of work. That’s because you may have to adjust the treatment plan to help the patient recover faster.


In addition to the aforementioned soft skills, you can also get others like effective communication, problem-solving skills, and team-building skills.

Overall, pharmacy tech programs are designed to be challenging, but they’re also a great way to prepare yourself for working in any pharmacy. This is why, if you’re looking to start a career as a pharmacy tech, you have to invest your time and effort in being the best at what you do.

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