Important Tips in Becoming an Amazing Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians are the masters of their craft—not an exaggeration in any way. While a pharmacist is responsible for picking out the required medicines for the patients as prescribed by their physicians, a pharmacy technician ensures that those medications will be received and distributed efficiently. 

Even a slight error might cause an adverse reaction towards the patients, so their job is as essential as the nurses and doctors who directly tend to them. While the job itself is never easy, there are countless ways to excel in it.

Any aspiring pharmacy technician must know the workarounds and techniques to make their job more manageable; otherwise, they might lose touch with their efficiency, affecting their overall performance.

If you happen to be one of them and want to improve your overall performance and showcase your commitment to the job, you may need to follow the tips listed below. 

While they may not apply to all people, they are generally recommended as they somewhat exemplify the basics of being excellent personnel and going beyond the boundaries of your limits as a pharmacy technician.

1. Always Be On Time for Work

Pharmacy technicians are always required to arrive early, especially if they have many medications to distribute daily. Being a pharmacist is stressful enough with the assistance of a pharmacy technician. Without their help, the task is close to impossible. 

Countless patients need their daily doses of prescriptions, and things could get confusing without the proper guidance of the technician. They will need to be oriented with the order of distribution before their shift even begins to have a hard time throughout.

2. Never Hesitate to Ask the Pharmacist for an Accurate Drug Prescription

The usual process of getting prescription medicines usually begins with the advice of a doctor right after a check-up. 

The next step would then involve the patient who needs to approach a pharmacist to get the medication they’ll need. The pharmacist will instruct the pharmacy technician to hand the right medicine to the patient so that they can go home and consume their prescription on time.

There are cases when the patient will need clarifications for the medicines that they are about to take. While the pharmacy technician is allowed to provide such an important detail, they must consult the pharmacist for details that are a bit vague and too technical to understand. The last thing you’d want is for the patient to consume the medications in the wrong manner.

3. Always Be Attentive with the Patient’s Prescriptions

A pharmacy technician must have excellent listening skills. Yes, it is the pharmacist’s responsibility to read the prescription correctly, but the pharmacy technician must also have the same proficiency to deliver the proper medication from their end.

If the patient can’t describe what their specific medications are, the technician must at least have a general idea of their current condition to pinpoint the correct medicines.


Becoming an exemplary pharmacy technician isn’t easy. However, you may still accomplish it by following some of the valuable tips we have listed above. Being on time for work, consulting a pharmacist for more technical prescriptions, and being attentive towards specific medicines may just train you to be a better technician in your field of work.

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