Understanding the Career of a Pharmacy Technician (Part 1)

Pharmacy technicians are known to make a good living, especially now that the industry is expanding. As such, there are several job opportunities for recent pharmacy technology graduates.

Pharmacy technicians should be organized, detail-oriented, and enthusiastic about healthcare. The job outlook for pharmacy technicians is better than the national average.

If you are thinking about becoming a pharmacy technician, you should be aware of the role, its benefits, and the possible career path ahead of you. Perhaps you can learn more about the functions of pharmacy technicians. Read on to discover and understand the career of a pharmacy technician today.

The Functions of a Pharmacy Technician

The vast majority of pharmacy technicians contribute to the success of a pharmacy by way of helping customers. Beyond that, additional tasks are performed by pharmacy technicians. Prescriptions are filled and customers are notified of their availability. The labeling of pharmaceuticals is also included.

Pharmacy technicians typically assist pharmacists in measuring and counting medications. Medication is then also labeled and combined.

The Career of a Pharmacy Technician

There are numerous job prospects available for pharmacy techs. Nonetheless, career advancement is frequently possible. Pharmacy technicians can advance quickly. They might shift careers.

Additional qualifications are available for pharmacy technologists. This can help with career advancement and salary. Doctorates are required for pharmacy technicians to advance to the level of pharmacist.

Pharmaceutical research, management, compounding, and sales are other viable options.

Nowadays, it is easier to establish a career as a pharmacy technician. For one, internships are available to freshmen in hospitals, drugstores, pharmacies, and supermarkets. After that, you can examine the university’s job posting boards and request for job openings from your pharmacy technician training program.  When looking for work, improve and modify your resume. Also, practice interviewing.

Studying and Training to Become a Pharmacy Technician

The length of time it takes to become certified as a pharmacy technician is determined by your curriculum. On-campus training as a pharmacy technician takes two years.

A number of online pharmacy technician programs can be completed in as little as a few months. These courses offer a variety of learning possibilities.

Online classes benefit both parents and workers. For pharmacy technician certification, home study is an option.

Upon completion of the course, students will be certified as pharmacy technicians. This is approved by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). You will work as a pharmacy assistant.

Online pharmacy technician programs are a great choice. It is more efficient and adaptable than university education.

The vast majority of pharmacy technicians continue to be educated.

What Companies Look For in a Competent Pharmacy Technician

Certified pharmaceutical technologists must meet certain requirements. For example, a high school diploma or its equivalent is required.

Furthermore, background checks are required. PTCB regulations must be followed by technicians. The ultimate step is to become a certified pharmacy technician.

These are the basic responsibilities of a pharmacy technician. Careers as pharmacy technicians entail a number of additional concerns.

Making a Decent Living as a Pharmacy Technician

Of course, you must be very interested to learn how much a pharmacy technician makes. The pay, indeed, is an important consideration.

As of late, pharmacy technicians in America earn an average of $16.87 per hour as per required by the qualifications. Pharmacy technicians earn an annual salary of $35,100, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

However, the income of a pharmacy technician may differ depending on where you live. Technicians with more experience get more money. With more professional credentials, there is adequate pay increase.

Moreover, pay increases as one advances in their position. Leading pharmacy technicians make more money than their peers.


A pharmacy technician not only proves to be a good career choice but it also plays a major role in one’s community. With the best medical professionals, we can work together to prevent disease, treat people, and keep everybody healthy! Now, wouldn’t it be great to be paid while doing all of this?

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