Understanding the Career of a Pharmacy Technician (Part 2)

Depending on your professional goals, you might dream of working as a certified pharmacy technician. There is still a need for pharmacy technicians in the realm of assisting healthcare providers.

As of May 2020, 415,310 pharmaceutical technologists were working in the United States alone, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Along with that, the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board certified 279,806 pharmacy technicians. The numbers continue to rise as employers of pharmacy technologists highly value PTCB certification.

There will be an increase in the number of pharmacy technicians as a result. This is attributable to the maturation of the American population. Pharmacy technicians have one of the least dangerous jobs in the healthcare industry’s support services sector.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job opportunities for pharmacy technicians will grow by 4% over the next ten years. As such, many hopefuls are looking for a spot in this career that may secure them a bright future.

Jobs for Every Certified Pharmacy Technician

The primary responsibilities of pharmacy technicians include managing inventory, drug repackaging in massive quantities, validating insurance claims, medication refills, putting labels on the medication and packing it, and more.

Pharmacy technicians execute their duties in a variety of contexts. The vast majority of pharmacy occupations are in retail. since there are numerous career options. Pharmaceutical distribution is one of the most straightforward operations.

Hospital employment is also prevalent. The duties are becoming increasingly difficult to fulfill. Furthermore, medical knowledge is required for these occupations.

There’s also the possibility of working in closed-door drugstores with positions in nursing, assisted living, and mental health care. To work in these sectors, certain qualifications must be met.

To work in a compounding pharmacy, you must have extensive education and training. These jobs necessitate a high level of mathematical proficiency.

Some individuals work in pharmacies that specialize in mail orders. These jobs have virtually minimal contact with the general public. Your primary task is to complete your customers’ medications.

Furthermore, pharmacy technicians have a wide range of alternatives available to them. You can advance your career by climbing up the corporate ladder or changing careers.

In the pharmaceutical industry, both research and commercialization are viable options. Medical assistants and pharmacists are also vocations that might be pursued.

Pharmacy Technician: The Certification

The PTCB assesses pharmaceutical knowledge through a certification exam. The level of difficulty varies depending on a number of factors. Some of these elements are the amount of time spent studying, the exam questions, and your exam abilities.

Between 1995 and 2020, the proportion of applicants who passed the PTCB examination was 72% on average. 70% of students passed the 2020 examination.

Beyond the exam, certified pharmacy technicians require other skills, such as basic computer experience and math skills. Math skills are definitely required for pharmacy techs. Calculating pharmacological dosages necessitates a solid understanding of mathematics. Even little dose errors can be fatal.


Now, you see that there are numerous work prospects for pharmacy technicians. If this is a career path you are considering, you will be guaranteed a myriad of options in terms of both your workplace and your role. Both the labor and the money fulfill expectations satisfactorily.

Pharmacy technicians must put in a lot of effort to be successful in their field. As you take on this role, you will be offered an exceptional position that will set the road for future success in the medical field.

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