A female nurse or medical assistant smiling with a doctor in the background
NWSC will prepare you to enter the field as a career-ready professional. Read about the positive experiences of our graduates

Graduates’ Firsthand Experiences with NWSC

Northwest Suburban College (NWSC) is excellent, but you don’t have to take our word for it – hear it from the source. Read on to learn about our former students’ experiences with the allied health certificate programs.

I owe it all to the excellent teachers and staff at NWSC. The school provides smaller classes and one on one help when things are not making sense to you. There is no one breathing down your neck. The staff is just a great group of people who want to see you succeed. I loved the work in the lab which really helps you when you get out there in the field. It is a great experience and money well spent!

Theresa Mcle

…A week after the three-month program, the school obtained an internship for me at a Walgreens Pharmacy. Three weeks later, I got a full time job in the medical field which I now love. I would definitely take this class over and over again. I miss it so much and would not be as successful and as happy as I am today if I had not taken the Pharmacy Technician class at Northwest Suburban College. The program does not take a long time to complete and is very affordable.

Nicole Dalton

I attended the Pharmacy Technician program… This school provides very one on one teaching and I recommend to anyone who wants an affordable education. The staff, teachers, and students are wonderful and everyone believes in your future.

Amanda Obos

The college provides the knowledge, skills, and assistance needed on a one to one basis, which is very helpful… I just completed the Pharmacy Technician program, and I was placed at a pharmacy that was less than a mile from my home for my externship!

Cheryl Peterson

…And I passed both the PTCB and ExCPT Board Exams, thanks to Dr. Tishchenko. She prepares a lot of materials for her students’ better understanding and takes very good care of each student. Thanks to her continuous support, I have a full-time Pharmacy Technician job already. I would HIGHLY recommend this Pharmacy Technician course.

Inlim Kim

I came to NWSC in 2016. I heard about the school from a close friend. It was such a great program to be a part of. Thanks to all the great staff members and all their help, I stand where I am today.

Menfils Diego