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In my experience at Northwest Suburban College, the Pharmacy Technician track focuses on education, knowing the names of common drugs, their purposes, and potential drug interactions. There are also practical labs, teaching how to use common pharmacy software, mixing drugs, or simply familiarizing oneself with where information is written on a bottle, such as NDC. The course is broad, which allows students to understand the general and underlying works of pharmacy, which are relevant for all pharmacies, and opens the door for more specificity later on. I have definitely benefited from this, both in my technician externship, and in my pharmacy technician role.
Richard Erye – Pharmacy Technician Program 7/22/2022

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Wondering where can I go for Medical Assistant training near me? Look no further! Northwest Suburban College is located in the Chicago suburb. We have open enrollment now for people in Chicago and in the Illinois suburb! Want to find out more about our accredited Medical Assisting training? Click the link above to start your new career and start making a difference in the lives of others while making a decent living doing something you enjoy. Northwest Suburban College (NWSC) can help make that a reality for you.

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  • Dental Assistant

    Become an accredited Dental Assistant. Providing patient care, assisting the dentist, and performing clerical functions – Dental Assistants do it all! Get quick, career-focused training at NWSC to prepare you for a rewarding career in Dental Assisting. Learn more.

  • Medical Assistant

    Become an accredited Medical Assistant. Medical Assistants are well-rounded and capable of helping doctors, providing patient care, and completing administrative tasks. Get fast, career-focused training at NWSC to prepare you for a fulfilling career in Medical Assisting. Learn more.

  • Pharmacy Technician

    Become an accredited Pharmacy Technician. Pharmacy Technicians ensure that their patients are fully informed about their medicine, and they process their client's insurance information. Get career-focused training at NWSC to prepare you for a rewarding career. Learn more.

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Dental Assistant Program

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Why Choose Northwest Suburban College?

  • Accelerated, Focused Programs – Don’t spend all your time and money on a 4-year degree when you can get laser-focused training in a quarter of the time and graduate career-ready without too much debt to pay off.
  • Quick Acceptance Rate & Monthly Start Dates – Bring your required documents, apply for an institutional grant (if needed), and within 3 days, you’ll receive an admissions decision. With monthly start dates, you can begin your training almost immediately.
  • Reasonable Tuition – NWSC is a not-for-profit college, meaning the school is more economical than other colleges while still maintaining high-quality education.
  • Small Class Sizes – You’ll get more one-on-one time with your instructors, which means they can address all of your questions. That allows you to get a deeper level of understanding and a more thorough education. All instructors are industry experienced and more than qualified.
  • Convenient Location – NWSC being located in the Chicago suburb it is easy to access via car, train, or bus.
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We believe no student should be turned away because they lack financial resources. Talk with an Institutional Aid Administrator to learn about our institutional grants.

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Learn about everything NWSC has to offer – our school mission, community involvement, advising, and more! You’ll realize why NWSC is the right place for you to succeed.

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