From the President to the assigned student advisor, assistance is provided at all levels by NWSC staff. This Advising Department maintains a team of teachers/counselors who are available by appointment to guide and advise students. Areas include academic advising, student advising, counseling, and career development. Student assistance is available to help students choose majors, explore career options, write resumes, and learn interviewing skills. Counseling may focus on issues affecting student’s studies and adjustments to college life.

In the School of Allied Health Sciences, program instructors serve as academic advisors. It is the student’s responsibility to contact and schedule the first advising session; each student is required to arrange a minimum of one advising session each term. Areas of advising may include academic plans, career development, and resource assistance.

At the student’s request, the Advisor’s assistance may include the following

Learning Skills

Upon student request, the Advisor provides counseling in 20 to 30-minute sessions on study skills, test-taking strategies, time management, test anxiety, memory, concentration, motivation, reading tips, note-taking skills, and math strategies.


Upon student request, tutoring is available for all courses. This is provided by faculty and peer tutors by appointment. A study room is reserved for this purpose

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