Annual Security & Fire Safety Report

In compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, this comprehensive document provides important information regarding the communityu2019s safety, including:n

Drug Free Campus Policy

Northwest Suburban College of Basic and Allied Health Sciences is grounded in the principles of health; hence, the College strictly enforces a drug-free campus policy. Regulations set forth below are to promote an academic environment conducive to student and career achievement and comply with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989.

In compliance with federal, state, and local laws, NWSC prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, sale, possession, or consumption of narcotics, illegal drugs, prescription drugs for which the person does not have a prescription, or alcohol by students, employees, or contractors on any College property or College-sponsored event. The Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 (Public Law 101-226) requires that the College inform all members of the NWSC community of the legal sanctions of illicit drugs and alcohol, which may include suspension/termination of employment and possible referral for criminal prosecution. Violations are recorded in the individualu2019s file.

Students should be aware that those found guilty of violation of the Drug-Free Campus Policy may lose financial assistance provided by the College. Furthermore, according to the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 (Section 5301), students who receive federal financial aid must certify that they will not engage in the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of a controlled substance during the period covered by the aid. If students are convicted of drug distribution or possession, the court may suspend their eligibility for Title IV financial aid.

For detailed information on the Drug-Free Campus Policy, including definitions, effects of health, and federal and state and federal sanctions, refer to the NWSC Annual Security & Fire Safety Report.

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