What Is the Required Degree for Pharmacy Techs? – Part Two

Whether you’re a patient or an aspiring healthcare provider, accurate prescriptions are crucial in the healthcare field. They’re vital in alleviating symptoms, managing chronic conditions, and preventing diseases from worsening. While doctors and pharmacists prescribe these essentials, patients can’t get the proper amount without the help of pharmacy technicians. 

These unspoken but essential health professionals work tirelessly in pharmacies to deliver high-quality healthcare services to patients. However, no guide would be complete without explaining why you should become one and what you can expect in college. 

We previously discussed their daily responsibilities, yearly salary, and differentiated degrees and certificate programs. This article will explain why you should enroll in a pharmacy technician program and the subjects you’ll take as a student. 

4 Reasons to Have a Degree in Pharmacy Technology

Although getting a degree isn’t vital in becoming a pharmacy technician, obtaining one can increase your chances of employment and higher salaries. This section will explain why you should enroll in your nearest pharmacy technology program. 

1. Earn While You Learn

You can simultaneously work as a pharmacy technician and enroll in a program part-time or full-time at a university. It will give you practical experience and theoretical knowledge about the job’s science, legislation, and theory, enhancing your chances of advancing your career.

2. Become a Role Model 

Education opens up various opportunities and enhances your quality of life. Others usually perceive people with more degrees as more knowledgeable than those who don’t have one. Higher education inspires those around you, like your loved ones and colleagues. Moreover, it demonstrates your unwavering determination and devotion to your career path.

3. Gain Essential Life Skills

University programs provide aspiring pharmacy technicians with comprehensive skills and help them gain skills like effective communication, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving, all essential for excelling in the field. 

Getting a full degree also demonstrates a solid commitment to the profession and a clear vision for your future career, giving you an advantage over individuals without a relevant degree or those without one when applying for a job. 

4. Encourage Career Growth

Having a degree in pharmacy technology and on-the-job training as a pharmacy technician can lead to growth opportunities and higher income in the field. Many pharmacy technicians have climbed the job ladder after starting with a solid foundation in pharmacy technology.

4 Main University Subjects in a Pharmacy Technician Program

After convincing you why you should become a pharmacy technician, here are some college subjects you can expect to take. 

1. Mathematics 

Certified pharmacy technicians must have good math skills, including understanding the different dosage systems. They also need basic accounting knowledge to manage federally-regulated pharmaceuticals.

2. Chemistry 

Pharmacy technicians must be knowledgeable in chemistry, including lab skills and an understanding of chemical reactions in the human body.

3. Business 

To prepare for future pharmacy business roles, students must learn about business operations like health insurance and legal compliance.

4. Biology 

Pharmacy technician students must take biology courses, including anatomy and physiology, to understand the human body and its functions well. They can also take additional related courses as electives. 

What Are Elective Courses, and Should I Take Them? 

Future pharmacy technicians should consider taking elective courses like Pharmacy Law & Ethics, Psychology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Healthcare Systems, Sociology, Medical Terminology, Pharmacology, and Communications to better serve diverse patients with physical and mental health issues.

What Happens after University?

Besides continuing learning, pharmacy technicians must take exams every two years to maintain their certification and complete 20 hours of education before taking the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam. Remember, there’s also a recertification fee. 


Degrees aren’t essential in becoming a pharmacist technician, but getting one can give you a competitive edge over other applicants. You can succeed in this full-time program by studying well in all your subjects and taking elective courses. 

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