5 Things to Expect in a Medical Assistant Externship

A medical assistant is a job that requires medical know-how, skills, and other professional characteristics. Ultimately, these people carry a unique role in providing the proper healthcare for people in need. Because of this, medical assistant classes are not enough—medical assistant students must also have hands-on experience.

In a medical assistant externship, the students will be able to prepare themselves for doing the job and handling day-to-day challenges. If you are a student wondering what you should expect in an externship, here are some of them.

1. Learning the Interpersonal Aspects of the Job

Learning the ins and outs of how humans interact is an integral part of the medical profession. Medical assistants may be working with a doctor, nurses, and patients daily. To appropriately interact in each of these instances, a medical assistant must be adept in the art of communication.

An externship will help the students learn about communicating effectively in different situations. For example, medical assistants should be able to interact with patients and other team members properly.

2. Gaining Confidence in Your Abilities

At the core of becoming a medical assistant, students must learn to assert their authority in the medical environment. They will be in charge of multiple tasks, so they are expected to perform and succeed in all of them.

The externship will help students achieve this confidence. Supervisors will put them in practice situations, where they will be able to show off their skills, which will pave the way for future success in the medical field.

3. Exploring the Administrative Aspect of Work

There are many aspects of the job that experienced medical assistants would not fully understand until they step into the shoes of their mentors. One of these elements is the administrative side of the job.

A medical assistant externship is a great way to learn about the administrative side of your medical assistant career. For example, you will learn about filing, scheduling appointments, and how to manage your time effectively.

4. Working under the Supervision of Experienced Medical Professionals

This is another advantage that students can look forward to in an externship program. In this program, the students will get to work under the supervision of experienced medical assistants. The students can also work with other medical professionals—nurses, doctors, and many more.

The externship will give students first-hand experience working with actual professionals, making their transition to the job market smoother.

5. Becoming More Knowledgeable about Medicine

Medical assistants are knowledge workers. They must have a strong knowledge of diseases, proper treatments, medical instruments, machines, and techniques.

An externship will allow students to learn more about the medical profession. It will give them a chance to focus on the medical concepts and theories they have been learning about in school.

Final Thoughts

A medical assistant externship is exactly what the students need to be able to grasp the medical field fully. They will be able to experience firsthand the different scenarios they will find themselves in, thus allowing them to prepare and get the most out of their profession.

Here at Northwest Suburban College, our certified medical assistant program includes real-life medical assistant training or externship experience to ensure you will be ready to enter the real world after graduation. Learn more about the programs we offer by giving us a call or booking a tour today.

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